Pronounced As: ofr, in the Bible.
1 Seaport or region from which the ships of Solomon brought fine gold in great quantity. Sandalwood, precious stones, ivory, apes, and peacocks were also part of the triennial cargo. The location of Ophir is unknown. It has been variously identified with NE Africa, SE Arabia, and India, but the present tendency is to identify it with SW Arabia (the modern Yemen) and possibly the neighboring African coast.
2 Son of Joktan. (© Electric Library's Free Encyclopedia)
A country of uncertain location, possibly southern Arabia or the eastern coast of Africa, from which gold and precious stones and trees were brought for Solomon. I Kings 10:11.(© infoplease)

Our Family

The Ophir Family

The Ophir Family

Yael and Miron Ophir

Yael and Miron meet at 1993. Married on 1995 at Kibutz Einat. The wedding was great. We now live in a cute flat in Yehud.

Dor, Adi and Yuval Ophir

Dor born at 2002, Adi at 2004 and Yuval at 2009.

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