Intersting people and stories in the Gutgold family

You can read the fascinating stories of our family members. To watch the full story press on the requested story below.

Arie Leib Gutgold

After whom was my grand father named? My grand father and his hatred for the Haredim. Dangarous games.

Feibush (Shraga) Meiri (Librach)

The escape from the Russian army. Founding the Spartakus group in Germany (Red Roza). The immigration (alia) to Israel (Palestine). Obtaining the certificate (immigration permit) for Tsvi. The professional career. His wife.

Zvi Bikowsky

A Torek native, one of the first immigrants to Israel and founder of Nahalal. (The article is in Hebrew).

Moshe Neufeld

From Turek to Kibbutz Kefar Giladi. The carving of the roaring lion sculpture stone. Why is the head of the roaring lion sculpture in Tel Hai so small?

Moshe Kanary