Moshe Neufeld

Moshe Neufeld - a Kefar Giladi man (second cousin of my grandmother Chana Librach).
Worked in the Kefar Giladi quarry. The stone block that was used to create the roaring lion sculpture in Tel Hai was brought from this quarry.
The roaring lion sculpture in Tel-Hai Moshe liked to tell the quarrying story of that big stone block that was used to create the Tel Hai roaring lion sculpture.
The sculpture, Abraham Melnikov, ordered a specific stone block and gave the required sizes that are required to make the sculpture. However, the lump that was quarried actually, Moshe tells, was a bit smaller because they couldn't find a block of stone with the required dimensions.
As the result of that, the sculpture proportions were distorted and the lion's roaring head turned out small and without proportion to it's enormous body.
Among his other occupations in Kefar Giladi he worked also in the fish ponds in the kibbutz.
Not until long ago I was looking for someone to connect me with Moshe daughters that were married and lived in Kefar Giladi. Only recently a contact have been made, and you can read about it here (in Hebrew):

כי האדם עץ השדה